Our Puggles

Puggle! The name is just cute to begin with. Add to that floppy ears, a boxer-like snout, and a compact little body; you have a near perfect little entertainer and cuddle dog. Yes, they all come with their own personalities and some can look a little more pug-like than others.

We have been breeding puggles for almost three years now. Thanks to the encouragement of my brother, we decided to get started. Bess, a beautiful beagle came to our home in early 2006. Since then a compact and energetic little clown of a pug named Tanner came to our home. He sired the latest litter of puggles we have. All litters have been healthy. Though plenty of work has been involved in raising them, their cute personalities and antics have made caring for them fun for our children and ourselves. The positive feed-back from those who have adopted our puggles, especially the updated photos, has also been lots of fun and very appreciated.

Please enjoy our "Some puggles..." series as well as the photos of Bess and Tanner and their current litter.


Byron and Amy