Juniper is still with us, and we are enjoying him.
He is still looking for his new home.
Good luck Juniper!

Going Home

Jasmin loves her new home, and here she is,
growing bigger and being loved so much!
Have fun in your new home Jasmin!

This is Jasmin's first night at home.
She is being perfectly pampered, and has made friends
with all the other doggies in the neighborhood.
"Everyone loves her!"
Good job Jasmin!

Coriander's new name is Melmo
(That is Elmo spoken by a child.
He answered to it, so it stuck!)
He is doing well in his new home,
and responding well to their training.
Keep up the good work Melmo!

Pepper (with the white paws) and Nutmeg
are getting ready for their drive back to Montanna.
They will be very well cared for by two people
who love them very much.
Don't get too cold you two!

5 weeks old and growing!

Juniper is small, playful, and cute.
The good new is that he is still looking for a new home!
He sticks his paw out at and asks,
"Is it you?"
Coriander is such a cute little guy.
He is looking forward to playing in his new home soon.

Jasmin Rose is a beautiful, curious puppy.
She is lucky to be going to a very loving home.

Pepper gets to live in Montana with his sister Nutmeg.
They already have the perfect snowsuits!
Nutmeg is so beautiful.
She is going to enjoy Montana with her brother Pepper.