3 fun puppies are Available!

We have 3 fun puppies who have become available. Snow Shoes, Tiny Tempest, and Bouncing Bear. Their new go-home date will be January 7th or so, per veterinary instructions. Their go-home date is a little later because they were exposed to the parvo virus, but they are healthy and have their immunities built up. They will still make wonderful pets for someone. We will post new photos of them after the Christmas Break. There were a lot of people we turned away because these puppies were already spoken for, so if any of you are still interested, please call:

Amy 702-358-6007.

What about Annie's puppies?

Annie has been moved to a new location in Sedona, AZ so that her puppies will have no chance of getting Parvo. She had 3 girls and 2 boys. They are as cute as ever! Josh will be taking care of finding new homes for her puppies. His number is 928-301-9479. Annie's puppies will be ready to go to their new homes right around Valentine's Day, so if anyone is interested, give Josh a call. Two of them are spoken for already.

Josh 928-301-9479

Parvo :(

Bess's puppies were exposed to the parvo virus. According to our veterinarian, this virus threatens puppies, but properly vaccinated dogs are not affected by it. Our puppies contracted parvo during the critical stage between 4 weeks and 6 weeks, when the mother's antibodies wear off, but it is still too early to vaccinate. We did everything our veterinarian told us to do, but we lost two of the puppies. This has been very difficult for those who were expecting these puppies, and it has been very difficult for our family as well. We are no longer breeding from here, as we do not want any more puppies exposed to the parvo virus, which can stay in the environment for a few years.
We would like to thank all who have provided loving homes for our puppies, we will miss working with these sweet dogs, and all of you good people. We still appreciate hearing how our past puppies are doing, and getting updates.
We are in the process of finding someone to take our adult dogs. When we accomplish this we will post their contact information for future litters.

6 weeks old and getting cuter every minute!

Tiny Tempest is cute. . .
. . . she is tiny,

. . .and she is funny!
Dancing Deer is so beautiful. She is sitting here patiently,
waiting to see where her new home will be.
Aaw, isn't he cute! Bouncing Bear is waiting for his new name.
He is going to go live in Phoenix.
Big Brave's new name is "Rocky". It fits him well.
He gets to go live in Sunny California
Snow Shoes is still going to Sedona, even though lots of other people
wanted to take him home with them. You are one handsome fella Snow Shoes!
It must be your four cute little white feet.
Misty Moonlight heard about maybe seeing Santa and his Reindeer.
She is looking to see if they are up there somewhere.
She is so excited to go to her new home,
that she can't wait for Christmas Eve!

New Puppy Pics!

Misty Moonlight gets to fly to Boston Massachusetts on Christmas Eve.
Maybe she'll see Santa flying by with his raindeer?

Tiny Tempest is bursting to shower you
with her fun-loving personality.

Dancing Deer is a beautiful, sweet creature.
Snow Shoes gets to go live in Sedona Arizona
with his nice new family this Christmas.
He gets to play with a beagle. How fun!
Big Brave is so cute . . .. . . that all four . . .
. . . of his photos. . .
. . . just have to be on here.

Bouncing Bear puts his best foot forward.
Isn't he so handsome?