Tigger is now Rocco and is already comfortable with his new family.

Rocco is asleep in his new family's arms. Cute!

Grown-up and good-looking Rocky plays it cool in California.

Confident Rocky likes the drivers seat.

Dapper Rocky poses for a portrait.

Sleek, Healthy Four Week Old Pups






Lyric and Tanner 3 week old litter

The Girls:



The Boys:




October 22, 2011 is the Birthday!

Lyric's pups are a week old in this photo.

Aren't they beautiful?

All Gone Home!

Annie's puppies have all found their new homes now.
Tali went to Florida, Blazey went to Massachussets,
Fancy went to California, Thad and Christian went
together to New Mexico, and Luke got to go all the
way to Canada. Way to go pups! A big Thank You
to all those of you who are now taking care of these
beautiful puppies. May they bring you much joy!

6 Weeks Old and Bundles of Fun!

Thad (Boy)
Christian (Boy)
Luke (Boy)Blazey (Girl)Tali (Girl)Fancy (Girl)

Annie's Puppies at Five Weeks


Annie's new puppies have arrived! Hooray!

Annie and Tanner's summer litter arrived on July 15, 2011.

Headed for Home!

Ollie will enjoy life with his new family in

Albuquerque New mexico. Make them laugh Ollie!

Landry with her new boy.

Puppies and children just seem to go together.

This is Landry with her new family from Glendale AZ.

he is already giving her new boy puppy kisses. Hurley is going with this delightful family to live in Maricopa AZ.
Have lots of fun playing with your new family Hurly!
Looks like you'll be one loved little puppy!

Oliver's going on a fun ride to his new home
to surprise someone who has been wanting a puggle for a long time.
Give her lots of puppy kisses Oliver!

5 Weeks Old and Growing Strong

Oliver has a great personality. Ollie is a fun-loving, good-looking puppy. Landry's a beauty! Johnny's new name is Hurley. Isn't he cute?

Three Weeks Old and Set for Home

Rosebud's new name is Landry. Isn't she beautiful?
Titan's new name is Ollie. He's so cute!
Johnny has a new home, and is patiently awaiting his new name.
Apollo's new name is Oliver. He is looking forward

to going home to his new family.

Six Day Old Puppies

Rosebud Titan