Bouncing Bear, Tiny Bear

This tiny little girl has chosen to call Bouncing Bear "Tiny Bear".
It looks like you are in good hands Tiny Bear!
Take good care of your new little girl!

Rocky's New Family

Here is Rocky (formerly Big Brave) with his new family
in Turlock California. They are very nice people.
It looks like you are going to have it good Rocky!

Good News!

We have good news! Our good breeder friend Wanda told us about a vaccine that is gentle, yet effective in protecting very young puppies against the parvovirus. She has used it with her dogs and reports excellent results. We have researched this vaccine, and feel confident that if we make it a part of our breeding progam, we can safely continue to breed puppies from this location.

Something good that has come out of our recent challenge is that from now on we will be able to send out puppies that have immunities to parvo. That will mean stronger, healthier puppies, and less stress on new puppy owners.

We are so happy to know about this vaccine! We love breeding these beautiful little puggle puppies, and we look forward to continuing to provide these little bundles of joy for you.

New home

This is Tiny Tempest going to her new home.
She will be well cared for, and will have some
other doggie friends to play with.
Enjoy your new life little Nickie Jo!

Annie's puppies at 5 weeks old

Penny Lane is as pretty as a picture, and available too!
Rebel is coming along nicely, and is
glad to have a new home already.

Mayham is one cute little boy, with a distincive look.
He is sure to keep you on your toes!
Franchesca is a sweet little girl, and she is available!
Cocoa is looking forward to seeing her little girl!
She will bring lots of joy to her new home soon.

2 Good-lookin' boys

Snow Shoes is available,
and ready to go play in the snow!
Bouncing Bear is available,
and ready to bounce right into your heart!

Tiny Tempest is moving. . .

. . .to her new home in Prescott Valley, Arizona.
She gets to be with two other dogs,
and her new name is Nicky Jo. Cute huh?

Stella found her new home!

Stella found her new home in Anthem, Arizona.
Her new name is Cocoa. She gets to play with
a nice little girl and another fun puggle.
What more could a puppy want?

Annie's pups are 3 weeks old and cute already!

Rebel is a handsome boy. He already has
his new home. Lucky guy!

Mayham has a striking look.

Stella is as sweet as they come.

Penny Lane is a pretty little girl.

Franchesca is just plain cute!

Good Puppies to have

Snow shoes has a perfect name for this winter weather we are having!
This eager to please puppy is looking for his new home.
Isn't he cute?

You can't help but laugh at Tiny Tempest and her cute puppy antics.
She is such a little sweetheart. She is looking for her new home,
and can't wait to shower you with her love.

Bouncing Bear is a beautiful puppy who is full of curiousity.
He loves to be with you and watch whatever you are doing.
He will be a treasure to whoever decides to take him home.

These sweet puppies just went to the vet and got their first set of puppy shots, and their vet-check. The vet said they are all in full health, and now have a bullet-proof immune system. The best thing about them is that you won't ever have to worry about them getting parvo, and that means these are good puppies to have.