Trick or Treat! Hey, will somebody let me out of here?

Wally is all dressed up for halloween. What a cutie!


Dragonfly is now Lacy! She lives in New York.

Heart gets to be Lando!

Lando found his new home! He gets to play with a cat. Have fun Lando!

Christopher is now Quincy.

He gets to live in Massachusetts.

Osprey is now Ella -- A cute little name for a cute little girl!

Ella gets to go to Wisconson and play with a brindle puggle named Stimpy.
She is going to such a nice family, and gets to go camping too! Have fun Ella!

Kestrel gets to be "Gucci"

Gucci and is happy with her new family!
They say she is doing well and they love her already.


Tiny Tim went home--Now he is Baxter!

The new owners say they "love, love, love him! Thank you so much!"
Thank you for providing a good home for one of our sweet puppies.

Merci gets to keep her name!

Beautiful Merci gets to be a companion animal and roam in the forest.
She already loves her new home.
Take care of yourself and your new mommy Merci!

Kole-- the Clown-- is now Rollins! Congratulations!

Lucky puppy gets to go to a home with another puggle to play with.
Have lots of fun Rollins! We will miss you!

Kiwi's new name is Bandit.

Bandit gets to go live in Montanna with a dog named Bones. Lucky dogs!

Joe has gone to Texas!

Have a happy time in Texas Joe!
Make your new family laugh a lot,
and give them someone soft and furry to cuddle with.

Butterfly fits her name!

She likes to flit around being her spunky and playful self.
She found a wonderful family who will love her and take great care of her.
Bye Bye Butterfly!

Bravo! Goes home October 3rd. Bravo, Bravo!

Arrow found his new home! He is now Max

His new home gives him over an acre to run on. Fun! His new owner says "He is a character. I can't believe how smart he is. Everyone makes a fuss over him. He is a good puppy. You don't need to worry, he will be well taken care of." I am so glad you found a good home Max!

We are family!

This shot is a family photo of the Bess and Tanner's November 2008 litter just before they started going to their new homes.