Who could say no to that face?

This is Serene from a long time ago when she was little,
now her name is Marley, and she has a wonderful home. This is Marley enjoying the drive.

This is Marley begging for buttered toast.
Who could say no to that face?

Here is Remington . . .

when he was picked up from the Airport,with his new boy,

and with his new girls.
You did well Remington!

Do you have any puppies left?

They are all gone, but we have good news. . . puppies are coming in March!

We are not accepting deposits yet, but get in touch with us to be placed on our contact list.

You will be notified first about the new arrivals so you get first chance to put down a deposit.

Grown up pup!

The puggle on the right is Ella. Her name used to be Osprey.
She is one of Annie's pups all grown up.
She is a social girl who loves camping
and has a special place in her family.
Glad to see you so happy Ella!

Snow Shoes did it!

Snow Shoes did it! . . .

He found lovely new folks . . .

. . .beautiful new children to call his own,

. . . a new house, and a new name. Remington.
You will be loved forever.