Annie's Time is Almost Here

As you can see, sweet Annie's puppies will be coming soon!
Isn't she cute?

Sweet Puppies Going Home . . .

Champ's new name is Simba,
and guess who he gets to play with all day long?
Nala! Lucky pup. Have fun!
Will is relaxing in his new home. Looks nice!
Will is now Stanley and gets to be with his big brother Walter.
Don't pester Walter too much Stanley!

Daisy is now Gracie, and we hear that
she is already great friends with Winston.
Bring lots of joy to the two cute grandkids,
the nice Grandma and Grandpa,
and your new doggy friend Gracie!

Two sweet pups for two nice sisters!
Gunnar is still Gunnar. Sunny borrowed her sister's name, Daisy.
Since they have each other they are sleeping through the night just fine.
It's good to hear you are doing so well Gunnar and Daisy.
Don't forget make them laugh!
Grizzly with his new pal.
They are going to have great times together.
Take good care of your new boy Grizzly!

Little Sprite gets to be "Abby" now and will get
all the love an attention she needs.
Enjoy your new home Abby!

Are your puggle puppies all gone?

Bess & Tanner's puppies have all found wonderful homes.
Annie will be having puppies at the end of May.
They will be ready to go home at the end of July/beginning of August.
We are now taking deposits on her litter.

Getting cuter every day!

Georgeous Grizzly found a loving home where he gets to play
with a very nice 10 year old boy. They will have special, fun times together.
Charming Champ captured the heart of a nice
young lady right here in Arizona. They will
have good times together.

Dazzling Daisy

Gregarious Gunnar

Curious Sprite

Soft and Sweet Sunny

Assertive Will

Bess & Tanner's April 1st batch is growing up!

Gunnar and Sunny, his sister, get to go to their new home in AZ together!
They are going to have so much fun!
Champ is a fun-loving, stocky little guy, just like his Daddy!
Sunny is a lucky little girl, she gets to go home with her brother Gunnar!
The two of them will keep busy making their new family laugh!

Daisy found a nice couple to take her home when she is ready.
She gets to stay in Arizona, and be with a nice old Wimeriner.
It looks like you've gotten yourself a nice home Daisy!
Good job!

Grizzly gets cuter every day!
He loves to "talk" and cuddle.
He is a sweet little Teddy Bear.

Bubbly little Sprite has found her new home,
right here in Arizona.
She gets to have a nice couple all to herself.
Bring them lots of joy Sprite!

Will has the honor of being
the first one chosen for his new home.
He is going to live with his big brother
"Wally" in AZ. Congratulations Will!
We will miss you!