Some Feedback. . .
. . .from doing what we love to do. 

"Hi Byron and Amy,
My name is Jodi and last December my boyfriend Bert and I met you to pick up our little Rocco (Tigger).  I have been meaning to send you a few pictures of our little guy and finally got around to it!  Rocco is by far the most amazing dog we could possibly have wished for.  He is such a cuddle bug! He is so sweet and LOVING!  We were amazed at how fast he was potty trained, too.  Everyone who sees Rocco can't believe how adorable he is!  We get stopped by strangers all the time telling us how cute and sweet he is!  He is about 28 pounds (maybe from all the treats I give him) and by now fully grown.  He has a "sister" and they are best friends!  I just wanted to thank you so much for bringing Rocco into our lives, we are so blessed to have such an amazing dog!   Bert and I hope you and your family are all doing well!  Take care and enjoy the pictures!
Kindest regards,

Here he is. Look at that healthy, beautiful boy.

Aaaw, how cute and cuddly!

Ren is getting lot's of love.
He is a favorite to play with.

Beautiful Lua has such a pretty color and soft coat.

Skyla is now Sugar Cookie,
and has made her new family very happy.
Way to go Sugar!
Here is the latest picture of Ollie,
isn't he beautiful with his soft, smooth coat?

Growing Up!

These little puppies are growing up so fast! They are already almost five weeks old!





Ollie's Peaceful Life

Ollie's family is taking good care of him. He looks so comfy doesn't he? 

Lyric's New Puppies

A new group of puppies born May 25, 2012. Here are pictures of the cute little bundles of joy!




Hurley's got a comfy pad.

Hurley is living well in his new home. "Spoiled" as his owners put it. He is two years old now. It's great to see the puppies growing up to be handsome dogs and enjoying life in good homes.

Ollie's looking fine.

One of our former puppies is growing up and looking good. Our thanks goes to Ollie's family for this photo.

These three beautiful girls are 10 weeks old.

Our three little girl puppies need new homes. Please call, text, or email with an offer.